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Most agencies will tell you how much experience they have and how they are specialists in this that and the other. So we thought we would take a different approach and actually tell you about us.


We started in January 2007 after stumbling across an opportunity whilst out buying Xmas presents for our clients.

We always had one eye open while we were driving around and this was a company we hadn’t spotted before. We walked through the door and asked questions. We went back to the office and our current employer didn’t want it. “Too low margin”. So back we went to the client who wanted to work with us and as such within about 30 minutes, an idea was developed and we were writing our resignations.

A brave move? A big step? A little rash?……All of the above in fact but that just spurred us on to make it work. We surrounded ourselves with good people, took an office and off we went.

Evolution of the Business

We started in a one man serviced office and the 2 chairs would butt up against each other, you couldn’t open the door without moving a chair and it had no natural light. But for now it served a purpose. It didn’t take long to move. We took a 4 man office in the same building in a matter of weeks, took on a staff member and the growth began. 6 months later we moved to Regent Circus, our home for the next 14 years. We’ve processed hundreds of thousands of timesheets over the years, supplying some of the towns largest employers and we continue to do so. We pride ourselves on our honesty. We don’t get it right every time but we work hard and more importantly we work WITH our clients to give them the support they are looking for.

So that’s our story, and there is much more to be written as we continue to grow and expand. We are moving to 5 Callenders, Paddington Drive, Swindon SN5 7YW and our group companies now include Trak Employment Solutions, R9 Facilities Management, Robinson Page and Robinson Page Events.

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Thanks to our broad sector experience we have a range of temporary and permanent positions available.

Of course we can also work directly with candidates who have specific needs for the next career move, finding them the right role and business that will fulfil their employment goals.

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