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What do employers look for in resumes?

Robert Curtis 16th September 2018 News & Tips


Hiring managers and recruiters can receive hundreds of application for a specific position and sometimes, they only have little time to scan your resumes before deciding if they can proceed to the next step, which is the interview.

To make an immediate impact to your future employer, your resume should match their expectations and should clearly explain why you’re a good fit for the role. Here are the things that employers look for in a resume.

Are you a qualified candidate?

The first thing that employers want to know is if you’re qualified for the position. Recruiters or managers skim through CV’s to identify keywords that match the job description. When applying for a job, carefully study the job posting then write the skills, knowledge and experience needed for the position. Identify your strongest matches and include it in your resume. This way, it will be easier for the employers to find this valuable information.

Properly formatted resume

Your CV should follow a proper format and style. Use a reasonable size of font and font style and have normal-sized margins. It should be easy to read on screen or on a printed copy. Make sure that the formatting is consistent throughout your CV and put all the expected information in place. Employers will be able to see if you can put together a presentable document through your resume.

Career progression

Hiring managers want to understand your story by following your career progression. This can help them identify the reasons why you’re applying for the job and if you would make a perfect fit. Ensure that your CV summarises the key responsibilities you’ve held in your previous jobs and how each of them has contributed to your current career. Your job titles must also help the employer get an idea of the type of experience you’ve had in the past.

Before submitting your resume to your prospect employer, review it first and make sure that there are no typing mistakes or inconsistencies to avoid getting rejected outright.

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