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Using Social Media for Recruitment

Using Social Media for Recruitment

Using Social Media for Recruitment

Social Media is slowly replacing most face to face activities, including recruitment.

For both recruiters and candidates, using social media to access new and exciting roles can be beneficial.


When a recruiter posts a job on their social media channels the reach can far exceed simply putting it on their website.

These posts can be targeted to a specific audience through careful use of hashtags, and then these will be further shared with ideal candidates who otherwise may not have seen it.

With the wider audience reached, not only does it help fill the vacancy with a higher standard of candidate, but also spreads brand awareness.

Social media recruitment can reduce the hiring time as the adverts reach a wider audience quicker, but it can also help with screening candidates.

Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn can be used by both candidates and employers to screen each other prior to signing a contract.

The candidate can see the activity of the company and can get an insight into the company culture and whether it would work for them.

For recruiters, sites like LinkedIn provide an organic CV of potential candidates, who they can approach directly about potential roles.

On the flip side, recruiters can also see on Facebook or Instagram the personal lives of their potential candidates which can be positive or negative.

However, it needs to be considered that social media accounts are not always accurate representations of the candidates or indeed the employer as these are often the public face rather than the reality.

Obviously, whilst using social media can be effective nothing beats the personal touch of a recruitment agency in finding the right staff for your vacancies. If you would like to find out how TRAK Solutions can help with your recruitment give the team a call today.