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Tips To Retain Top Talents In Your Company

Robert Curtis 12th September 2018 News & Tips


After hiring the best employees possible, your next job is to retain the top talents. This is much easier than going through the lengthy recruitment process. One key factor to increase your retention rate is by ensuring your employees feel satisfied. Here are the tips that you can use to retain your top talents.

Create an inclusive culture

Make your employees feel constantly secure in the company. Greet them by their names and notice every single effort that they do that contributes to the growth of the business. This will make them feel appreciated. Also, get their opinions when making improvements or when changing rules. Encourage them to reach goals and support them with their choices as often as possible.

Set clear expectations

It is important that you clearly explain their job descriptions so your employees will know what is expected of them. If you are making any changes with their roles, communicate with them directly. Don’t assume that they will get it right away. Hardworking employees want to meet your expectations, but they need to know first what can make it happen.

Provide opportunities to grow and learn

Support them in their advancement by providing tuition for continuing education classes. Make sure to let them work on projects that they enjoy and once in a while, give them challenging tasks to test their abilities. Discuss with them what career development plans they have and what opportunities are available in your company that can help them with their career growth.

Reward good work

To retain a talent, it is important to make your employees feel appreciated, valued and respected. By recognising their excellent tasks through certificates and monetary incentives, it creates a positive effect on staff retention. If you take the time to praise them for their job well done, there will be a lesser chance that they would look for another role outside of your company. Make sure that your feedback and praise are sincere as top talents are smart enough to know if you don’t mean it.

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