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Tips For Finding a New Job

Robert Curtis 16th October 2018 Uncategorised

Whether you’re a fresh uni graduate just starting out on your career or a seasoned employee looking to take the next level, finding a new job can be both challenging and frustrating. However, if you use proactive strategies, you can make thing easier. To land a job that’s perfect for you, we’ve compiled some tips that you should consider.

Focus on what you want

Take the time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and the type of job you enjoy doing before starting your job hunt. The better you know yourself, the more likely you’ll find a job that can give you satisfaction.

Work on your CV

Your resume is one of the most important tools when searching for a job so make sure to spend quality time drafting it. A good CV must be goal-driven and includes quantifiable achievements that are tailored to the job you’re applying for. Your CV is like a sales document – it needs to sell you and convince potential employers that it will be worth their time to interview you.

Personalise your cover letter

Make sure that every cover letter you submit is tailored to your potential employer to show you have put in the effort. It should not also look like an extra copy of your CV. Instead, it should provide more background information about who you are and why you are a perfect fit for the position. Even if a company doesn’t ask for a cover letter, you can still send one. This may set you apart from your competitors.

Utilise online resources and company websites

The internet makes job hunting easier. Now, companies use their websites to advertise job openings, and different job search platforms can help you identify opportunities. Signing up with a recruitment agency can help you find jobs that are worth your while and can narrow down your search to the best options.

Network and use connections

Having a large and strong network of contacts can help you uncover new job leads. This helps you get an idea of what’s out there and available, so you can be more strategic with your search. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you know, and if you know someone working for a company that you like, ask for a referral. This can give you an advantage over the other candidates.

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