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Supporting you to get those hard to fill jobs filled?

Supporting you to get those hard to fill jobs filled?

With more unemployed people than jobs in the UK it is very frustrating for employers that they have some hard-to-fill roles.

As an employer you have registered with employment agencies like TRAK Employment Solutions, and have interviewed candidates but either they haven’t been right for the job or they have refused your employment offer.

Although perseverance is seen as a virtue, not every job can be filled immediately and there does come a point where the situation needs to be reassessed.

The job itself may need to be reconsidered.

Ask yourself why this job is hard to fill. It may be advisable to bring someone from TRAK Employment Solutions into the discussion to utilise our expertise in the area.

1) Does the role require too complex a set of skills?

It is possible that all the skills required for the role are not often found with the same candidate and it may be worth splitting the role into two more distinctive roles.

2) Is the salary inadequate?

Money is a driving factor with employees so it is good to check that your offered salary is competitive for similar roles within the industry.

3) As an employer are you exclusive?

Are your essential requirements too specific, meaning it excludes rather than includes candidates?
Are your essentials truly essentials or could some be downgraded to desirables?

4) Is the career path clear?

Candidates often like to see where the opportunities for career development lie so make the advancement path clear.

5) Are there a shortage of these candidates in the area?

Some jobs are hard to fill due to a skill shortage in your area. It may be worth considering offering an internship or on-the-job training to get the job filled, whilst training the candidate to the standards required.

6) Are there benefits and training?

Whilst some employers think a competitive salary is enough, benefits and personal development can just push you ahead of your competitors.

Make sure any benefits are clearly displayed along with the salary.

The staff at TRAK Employment Solutions are able to offer support for your company with staffing these difficult to fill roles. We can offer advice on improving the job description and can screen the candidates so only the best are invited for interview.

Give us a call today and fill those positions.