Skills Required For A Warehouse Assistant

Skills Required For A Warehouse Assistant

Skills Required For A Warehouse Assistant Jeff Tucker


If you are job hunting and don’t really know where to start, there are lots of warehouse jobs in Swindon to apply for. TRAK Employment Solutions work hard to develop strong relationships with both our clients and customers to bring you high-quality warehouse jobs that you could be happy in for many years.


What is a Warehouse Assistant?


Warehouse assistants (or warehouse operatives) play a crucial role in the ‘behind-the scenes’ logistics of many companies. As an assistant, you will be in charge of the stock flow as goods enter and leave the warehouse.


Moving, handling and monitoring stock effectively will make up your primary tasks day to day and additional duties will be dependent on the company that you work for. With so many warehouse assistant jobs in Swindon, you can browse job specifications to see what role is more appealing to you.


Typical Warehouse Assistant Duties


Warehouse assistants will generally sort stock in distribution centres, making sure that the correct quantities are produced, stored, packed and loaded as per production guidelines. You will carefully handle products and may be required to carry out quality checks before leaving the distribution centre.


Examples of warehouse assistant tasks include:


  • Ensuring that fragile goods are transported throughout the warehouse safely
  • Counting the number of products for individual orders
  • Ensuring that the correct orders are loaded onto vans for delivery
  • Quality checking stock that is bought in from another company


Skills Required


You will have the best chance of becoming a warehouse assistant if you have the following skills:


Great communication skills— these are essential as you will be part of a team that need to work together in order for the operation to run smoothly. You will often need to give instructions to others so you must be very clear.


Great listening skills— you will need to listen to clear instructions from both your manager and your team of colleagues in the production line.


Punctuality— as part of a team you are an essential cog in the system and turning up to work late could halt a whole production. It is essential that you are reliable and think of others when it comes to attending work on time.


Calm under pressure— a warehouse is a busy place and often orders need to be sent out very quickly, which is why you should be able to cope in a fast-paced environment.


Enthusiasm— in a busy environment, especially during busy periods such as Christmas, it is essential that you can keep yourself motivated in order to perform to the best of your ability. By being as proactive as possible in your role, you will impress your employer and there are always great opportunities to progress.


Thirst for knowledge— wanting to understand your company and how the operation works as a whole is another way of furthering your career aspirations in the warehouse industry.


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