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Settling into a new job

Settling into a new job

There’s nothing better than getting a new job; being accepted after that interview and knowing that your hard work has finally paid off. However, starting your new job can be very challenging. Here we’ve got some top tips for you that will help to make the transition into your new job smooth and easy.

Build a rapport

When you first start a new job it’s easy to become the office recluse for the first few weeks. It’s completely natural to be a bit of an introvert in the beginning. But it’s so important to put yourself out there and start networking straight away. Introduce yourself instead of relying on others to do so for you. Ask other people questions about what they do within the business.

Keep a note of everything

Everyday tasks and important names you need to remember should be written down. Making notes right at the beginning means you won’t forget any key details.

Meet the boss

Building a rapport with your boss and making a positive first impressions helps to keep you on the right track and ensure you’re doing everything you need to in your new role. If your boss doesn’t give you any goals or aims when you first start, why not set some milestones for yourself to work towards.

Offer to help out

You want to do your job well, which involves carrying out all of your daily duties. It’s also important to ask others if they need any help with big projects. This is a great way to build team relationships as well as learning new skills within the business.

Show up on time

Probably the easiest thing you can do is be punctual to your new job. It’s embarrassing to turn up late, especially on your first day. Make a positive impression and show up early and on time. It may be a good idea to do a trial run a few days before you start so you know the route to work and how long it’s going to take you on a daily basis.

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