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Recruiting – What do we need

Jeff Tucker 27th March 2018 Uncategorised

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If you’ve yet to employ the services of a recruitment agency, we should explain how we work. And how we can work together to get that job. Job-seeking can be a lonely experience. With TRAK you can feel part of a team.

Our job is to match you, the candidate, with a company that is seeking to fill a job vacancy. We will require you to provide us with your most up-to-date CV. You can post it here on this website by clicking ‘Upload CV’ on the menu bar or you can deliver it to our offices in person. If you prefer the latter and you’re local, it would be great to meet you and for you to meet our team. We are a Swindon recruitment agency situated in Regent Street.  We can discuss with you your goals and career ambitions in more detail.

If you’re in any way unsure about how best to structure your CV, let us help you do just that or suggest how you might edit or word differently parts of your document and get it in the best shape to impress employers. We have built great relationships with our business clients and hold invaluable knowledge of what they are looking for and the skills they will require in you.

When a company needs an employee, they will let us know. We are, in effect, a mediator between you and the company. We will either post the job online or we will look through our database of registrants and contact you directly. It’s common that the company will want to see a number of candidates. If you would like, we can help you prepare for the interview and also advise what would be appropriate dress to wear.

Your goal and ours is to get you feeling totally prepared for that job interview. You should be aware that we do not charge candidates for their services but a fee from the employer if you are taken on and successful in the role.

We have access to a range of companies, so we can put you forward for positions that you wouldn’t otherwise have heard about. Once you’ve been for the interview, we can obtain invaluable constructive feedback from the employer’s Human Resources.

Rest assured, we will handle any paperwork in the hiring process and ensure you and your new employer are happy from your first day and beyond. We can even negotiate your salary for you and make sure you get the best package.

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