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Looking For The Right Recruiter For Your Vacancies

Jeff Tucker 30th July 2018 Uncategorised

Naturally, when you’re looking to employ staff, you will want to hire the best candidate for the job. But how do you optimise your chances of achieving that? We believe that you need to work with a recruitment agency that goes the extra mile.

We are a long-established agency with a track record of building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We make it our business to discover in depth what it is you want from an employee. What the job involves on a day-to-day basis as well as how the position fits in with the company as a whole. As a reputable recruitment agency, we look to attract the calibre of candidate that possesses the required skills and the right mindset. We seek to understand from you and communicate what success looks like in the role from your company’s perspective from the outset.

A company that has a low opinion of recruitment agencies might well envisage a process where candidates are sought by simply posting an ad up on a job board, maybe spending a few minutes scanning a database, then passing a few CVs their way, hoping for the best. Hoping to collect on a sizeable invoice and move on to the next client. A well-respected and respectful agent knows that soon enough clients will pick up on an attitude other than providing a solution to a problem or pain point they might be experiencing. Once a candidate is placed, we appreciate that there is a bedding-in process and hence the importance of us contacting you and your new employee regularly in that initial phase. We want both employer and employee to flourish and to be the first port of call if or when a new position at your company arises.

We are very happy to tell you about our success stories placing candidates in companies that have worked productively and harmoniously together. But we believe that you can learn a lot about a recruitment agency by the amount of time it listens to you in consultation compared to how long it sings its own praises.

Beware style over substance dealing with agencies. There are some that will throw gifts your way to distract from their want of sound business practice. Don’t be deceived by flattery, but at the same time don’t be put off by our friendly service!

If you’re looking to hire in our locality, come to Trak Employment Solutions, proud to be one of the most reputable recruitment agencies in Swindon.