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Is it time to consider a job change?

Is it time to consider a job change?

We spend a lot of time at work. More time at work than at home with our families. So it makes sense that you should try to spend that time doing something that you enjoy.

Of course, it’s not possible to enjoy every minute at work and there are times when you have such a devastatingly appalling day you are ready to hand in your notice there and then.

However, when those bad days outnumber the good days perhaps it is worth seriously considering a job change.

There are a number of key signs that it’s time to move on.

1) You dread going to work.

If your time away from the office is spent dreading returning the next day, then it is time for a new job.

2) You moan about your job to everyone around you.

A place you spend most of the week should be more positive than negative so if you spend a lot of time grumbling about co-workers, your boss or your job in general perhaps it is time for a change.

3) If you suffer with 1 & 2 it is possible that your job is affecting your mental health, causing stress or causing you to turn to alcohol to de-stress at the end of the day.

If work hours prevent you from eating healthily, exercising or having a healthy work/life balance then a change is in order.

4) You are unchallenged in the workplace.

This is a biggy, as if you are unchallenged you will be bored, you will potentially procrastinate more than work, and you may not be as pro-active in your job as you would like to be.
Being unchallenged could be due to being overqualified for the role you are doing or perhaps you have reached the pinnacle of your career in that work environment.
If there is no room for advancement then that can hinder your career and your personal development. Don’t let that happen.

5) The work environment is negative.

This is quite subjective but unappreciative managers create unmotivated staff, a pessimistic atmosphere can chip away at your own passion for the job, and poor management (whether due to incompetence, unhappiness, or stress) can be toxic for the working environment.
Sometimes a negative work environment can change but this needs a change in staff dynamics to do so. It may, therefore, be better if you find a more positive workspace.

6) If you are being headhunted.

It is always a positive feeling when you are headhunted by another company. If you are considering their offers then what is holding you back?

7) Active job hunting.

If you are ‘keeping an eye on the job market’ on a regular basis then it is probably time to consider handing in your notice and finding something more appealing to you.

However, in the current climate job hunting is not easy which is why the staff at TRAK Employment Solutions are waiting for your call. Maybe we have your ideal next role waiting for you.