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Why it’s important to keep your CV up to date

Jeff Tucker 10th April 2018 Uncategorised

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What may seem a chore, can open up immediate opportunities. We’re talking about updating your CV. A mundane preoccupation you might think, but consider the advantages.

When you have an up-to-date CV, you give yourself more chances of picking up a job. When a position arises, you have your CV ready to go. You get to stay ahead of the pack chasing the same job.

Each time you gain a new skill or experience, or attend a course, make sure you add details of it on your CV. It’s so much easier to do than come to a point several years on from your last update and have to struggle to remember details.

So what impactful details can you add to your resumé?

Certainly key projects that you have led or you have worked on and the benefits you have brought to the business. Processes you have been part of to lower costs or increase efficiency. Qualifications you have completed and also new skills that you have developed.

It’s not only about getting your details ready to present with job applications. It’s also about having your work history available at the drop of a hat if someone comes looking for you. You might not be searching actively for a job, but a recruiter might see your details (on paper, online or on LinkedIn) and come after you. If you can’t react by handing them an up-to-date CV, you might well disappoint. Or conversely, they will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

You may find yourself working for a company when a promotion opportunity become available. Your immediate manager might have a good handle on what great things you’ve been doing, but it’s usual for people higher up to require the latest low-down on an individual before they make a decision. You get to impress immediately with your work ethic, your enthusiasm for your work and a preparedness.

There’s always a set-back to be expected in a career. If you’re laid off, make sure you have every opportunity of bouncing back with your updated CV. Concentrate instead on covering letters you send out to prospective employers.

Remember, your CV update doesn’t need to be an onerous chore if you keep it relevant. Thirty minutes each month is all it takes.

If you’re looking to recruitment agencies in Swindon for work, give us a call or come in and see us at the office. We can sit down with you and help shape up your CV for the next great job opportunity to come along.