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How will Brexit affect the recruitment market?

How will Brexit affect the recruitment market?

Brexit is almost upon us and with no deal in place as of yet, employers are becoming more and more worried about having to leave the EU. Here we are going to explore how Brexit will affect the recruitment market.

Hiring candidates

There are around 25% of UK businesses that employ staff coming from the EU. After Brexit, a survey revealed that there are around 50% of UK businesses that would no longer hire somebody from the EU. This is because with Brexit will come changes in the UK immigration laws, making it harder to hire staff from the EU.

Recruiting EU nationals already in the UK

After Brexit happens, all of the EU nationals that are currently living in the UK (which is around 3.8 million) will have to register. This registry gives them a settled status, meaning they can live and work in the UK. The recruitment market shouldn’t be affected as long as staff are applying for settled status.

Recruiting EU nationals

The same as it would be for anyone outside of the EU, EU citizens will now have to register themselves with the UK immigration offices to gain status to legally work in Britain. This is what could pose a challenge for the recruitment market. Recruiters will have to change their selection process to make sure they comply with the new immigration laws applying to EU nationals. This change means that businesses will either have to focus on the talent they already have in the UK or take more time to accommodate recruits from the EU.

Skill shortages

The effects on the recruitment market could be further increased by a sudden shortage of skilled workers in certain UK industries. UK businesses could be facing huge labour shortages after Brexit, a challenge they are set to deal with for the next five years. The global demand for skilled workers is on the rise, and with Brexit in place it will make it much harder for an EU citizen to work in the UK, causing them to turn elsewhere.

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