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How to Make Yourself More Employable Instantly

Robert Curtis 15th November 2018 News & Tips

How to Make Yourself More Employable Instantly

Are you looking for a new job? Here are a few tips to consider before getting yourself out there.

Update your LinkedIn profile with appropriate keywords

Like your resume, your Linkedin profile should always be up to date to reflect your current job or your newly acquired training, certifications, and skills.

More and more human resource professionals, headhunters, and employers are using Linkedin as one of their primary tools for scouting talents to get onboard for their team or for their clients. It also is an effective way to build your network with influential people within your niche or industry that can connect you to your dream job or increase your chances of being discovered by a reputable company.

To effectively leverage yourself on LinkedIn, be sure that you fill out these important parts of your profile:

  • An interesting headline with your professional specialty. For example, instead of the “Writer,” you can put “Freelance Travel Writer” to be more specific.
  • Incorporate vital keywords into your summary. This way, whenever recruiters use the search engine with a particular keyword, you will appear in the results.
  • Market yourself by listing down your roles and notable achievements in previous positions you have held, during an internship or while you were in the university if you are a fresh grad.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile photo is professional and easy on the eye as well.

Double check your Internet profiles

Recruiters nowadays also use social networking sites to screen and vet potential candidates. Aside from giving them a side of your personality, companies most certainly do not want to be associated with anyone who has offensive tendencies. To be sure, make a sweep of all your profiles online and take down any photo or post that could be deemed inappropriate.

Invest in yourself with training and further education

Whether you are looking into shifting into a more profitable career or you are aspiring for a promotion, taking on further training and studies, particularly in the industry you are eyeing will work wonders for your job hunt. Most employers are more interested in candidates that at least have an idea or some form of knowledge about the jobs they are offering over a person they would have to train from scratch.

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