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How to avoid common CV mistakes

How to avoid common CV mistakes

Your CV is often your first point of contact with a potential employer – it’s their first opportunity to get to know you and what you have to offer them as an employee. Making simple mistakes in your CV can risk you being discounted from the application process at the preliminary stages – so avoid making them at all costs.

What you can do

Here’s how you can avoid making the most common CV mistakes.

  • Proofread – one of the most common CV mistakes is making simple spelling errors. This shows you have a lack of attention to detail, even for the basics.
  • Be original – the clich√© is one of the biggest enemies on your CV. Remember, be as original as possible in the way that you choose to express yourself.
  • Personalise – hunting for a job often means sending out a lot of CVs, however, it’s always worth the extra time to tailor them to the individual recipient.
  • Check details – incorrect information can be an innocent mistake but have severely negative results. If you’re making claims, make sure they’re accurate.
  • Be concise – your potential employer may have under a minute to read your CV. Don’t make your CV too long-winded or padded, further detail can be given later.
  • Clean formatting – make sure that the font you choose is professional and properly sized. Times New Roman or Ariel fonts on 11 or 12 pt. are always a wise choice.

Making your CV stand out

Avoiding these simple mistakes is one of the best ways you have of avoiding your CV getting lost in the pile or simply dismissed before you get to interview. Now you know the key mistakes people consistently make on their CV, you can make sure you’re never caught out. A strong CV is the first step to your next job.