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How to attract top talent online

The internet has opened up the opportunities for recruitment for both candidates and employers and there is little doubt that top talent can really help a business to grow.

But how do you go about attracting top candidates online in such a competitive world?


The first element of attracting top employees is to make the job description is clear. A vague and woolly job description will invite a number of vague and woolly candidates.

Be specific.

Be very open about what you want from an employee; what you expect them to do, what the role entails, the challenges they will face and how you expect them to handle it.

By making the job role and the expected experience as clear as you can will ensure that the majority of applicants are capable of doing the role, and from them you may find the ideal candidate for your business.


Top talent do not want a dead-end job with no progression route and no prospects. If this is how your company comes across the top talent will scroll on by.

Make the progression route clear. Describe the training and development which is available and the culture within your company for staff progression.

As much as you don’t want to hire top talent only to lose them again – an ambitious candidate is often happy to progress within the company.

Be Creative

Be creative when trying to attract the most highly skilled people for your roles. Think outside the box.

Be clear of what skills are required, rather than what job titles or industries you expect the candidate to have. Limiting yourself to candidates who have only worked within a specific industry with a specific job title is little more than an exercise in keyword search.

Look at the individual, not the keywords on their CV. They may have exactly the skills and experience you require but in an industry you know nothing about – they could be just the person your company needs.

If you are looking for top talent for your business contact the team at TRAK Solutions and see how we can help to get that role filled with the perfect candidate.