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How the recruitment industry is evolving in 2019

How the recruitment industry is evolving in 2019

In 2019, technology continues to play a role in the evolution of the recruitment industry. Artificial Intelligence and data analytics are at the forefront of the hiring process for many agencies – but what is the future for AI, and what else is driving innovation in the recruitment agency at present?

1) It’s a candidate-centric market

One of the biggest challenges in recruitment is how to attract and retain the best talent. A recent study by LinkedIn revealed that up to 85 per cent of candidates are “passive” – as in, they aren’t actively chasing new roles. Companies are beginning to realise that it’s a candidates’ market, and as a result, they need to do more to attract the attention of the top talent pools.

2) Recruitment is a two-way street

To match candidate expectations in 2019, brands are having to initiate conversations to explain the perks of working for them. In the past, recruitment was a one-way street, with candidates having to jump through hoops at each stage to explain why they’re the best fit for the company. Traditional job specifications just don’t cut it anymore, which means employers should focus on customising how they present their business to the candidate pool.

3) AI is increasingly met with scepticism

While many companies claim AI unlocks value for its customers, the reality is that very few HR departments have enough quality data to make successful use of it. Candidates want to know when AI is being used, and are rightly concerned about whether AI offers a fair and unbiased recruitment process. As 2019 progresses, many recruiters are switching back to organic processes or a combination of both.

4) Game-based assessments are increasing in popularity

While game-based assessments are generally targeted at younger candidates, recruiters are beginning to see how powerful they can be when it comes to identifying talent. Game-based tools are perfect for collecting data because everything’s up front, unlike traditional legacy tests.

It’s worth remembering that all companies are different, and HR professionals should consider which of these trends will work best during the recruitment process. However, it’s certain that technology and HR will continue to work and grow together throughout 2019 to solve the issue of unlocking new talent.