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Forklift Jobs

Robert Curtis 24th October 2017 News & Tips

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Forklift operators are essentially responsible for using forklifts in warehouse jobs in Swindon, but also to move materials around building sites, factories, or other industrial areas. The job can be a good one for those who would like to work outside of an office, getting out in the world to do work which feels rewarding and active. Essential prerequisites for driving a forklift include a degree of fitness and a willingness to physically exert oneself. While much of the work will involve use of the forklift, working in industrial areas such as warehouses also inevitably means the lifting of heavy objects which cannot be lifted by forklift. In this capacity, the ability to carry heavy weights and to work with colleagues as part of a team to get things done are very useful skills to possess.

Of course, no one can walk straight in to a forklift job. Training and development must be undertaken beforehand. Training courses can range anywhere from a few days to months, and involve varying degrees of detail. For example, some apprenticeship style courses will go far beyond merely instructing its learners on how to operate a forklift, imparting knowledge on how to handle dangerous industrial chemicals, how to operate other types of heavy machinery, and health and safety issues necessary to the management of certain warehouse operations. In this way, it is imperative that aspiring forklift drivers evaluate the level of education they need before applying for jobs, and how best to impress potential employers. It is also important to mention that generally speaking forklift operators will need to be over 18, and have a good basic level of education.

On top of the physical labour involved with forklift operations, workers may also need to undertake tasks such as stock taking, heath and safety evaluations and other administrative tasks. In fact, the more experience you gain in this area, the more likely you are to be promoted to other areas within industrial sites such as warehouse supervisor or even manager. Indeed, the career progression opportunities for this kind of work are decent and the monetary benefits can be attractive. Starting salaries for forklift jobs tend to be substantially above minimum wage and, as skills your skills improve, can turn into something quite lucrative.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the forklift driving business in Swindon and surrounding areas, please do get in touch. With industrial regeneration occurring all around the country, workers are in demand, many businesses are excited to welcome new employees with a decent work ethic and a willingness to get stuck in.