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Expanding your business with the right support

Expanding your business with the right support

A company that is looking fit and healthy and ready to grow makes for exciting times. But there’s always that nagging doubt when you should hire more staff. Would the financial outlay tip you the other way if business stuttered or didn’t keep pace with costs in the ensuing months? Kill off a promising business just as it really got started?

Time first for a bit of introspection. Take a look at your business and its present structure. Are you making good use of your current employees in their various roles? Are they optimally utilised in those positions? Are their work processes efficient?

Think, when hiring, what type of new role will make the biggest impact on your business? Do you need to recruit more sales staff, for instance, or an assistant to help them out with the administration? Could you do with an extra marketing person when your present incumbent is struggling with a sudden growth in your business? Will you benefit better from hiring a full-timer or a part-timer?

If you can build in flexibility to suit your business then it makes sense to do so. If your business experiences seasonal growth trends then it wouldn’t make sense hiring a full-time employee, when it might otherwise taking on a couple of temporary workers over your busy periods.

When you look to take on employees, include in the job description your mission statement and what values your company holds. You want to attract like-minded people who think like you and are excited to be part of your success.

You don’t have to do this on your own. You can outsource the recruitment process. We are one of the most progressive recruitment agencies in Swindon. We understand that you might not have a dedicated Human Resources person or department. And that your manager charged with hiring is quite possibly going to be burdened with the extra hours’ work. While projects they’re working on are otherwise kept on hold.

Once you’ve taken on staff, it’s recommended that you ‘onboard’ them. Onboarding is the spending of time with new employees getting them accustomed to the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviours required for them to function effectively within your organization. The process is critical to the success of a new hire. It also boosts employee retention and increases employee productivity. Laying out exactly what success looks like within their first 90 days can give you a better idea of your employee’s skill set and provide direction on what areas to focus on in the future.