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Applying for a warehouse job

Jeff Tucker 27th February 2018 Uncategorised

stay calm at your job interview in swindon

Are you looking for a warehouse job? Here’s some handy tips how to go about it.

Some companies may ask for academic qualifications GCSEs at grades (A* to C) or equivalent (useful subjects are English, Maths and IT). Otherwise, you might join on an apprenticeship or via a temporary job. If you’re local, we can look at finding you suitable warehouse jobs in Swindon.

As with any job application, make sure you’re fully prepared before you attend an interview. Here are a few points to bear in mind.

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence out there that warehouse job applicants have succeeded dressed for their interviews in smart-casual wear. It could well be the case. They may well have been judged more on their skills and previous experience. Your interviewer may well be wearing a smart business outfit, but it doesn’t hurt when making a first impression for men to go dressed in a smart suit, ladies in dress shirt and trousers.

Though it might feel a little awkward or embarrassing, do try and simulate the interview situation by asking a friend of family member to play the role of your interviewer. Don’t leave it to the day of the interview to stumble over responses you haven’t properly thought through. You might want to think how you will respond to questions like:

‘Why do you want to work here?’

‘How does your experience fit in with this job?’

‘Tell me how you keep safety in mind at all times, even when you’re rushing to fill an order.’

‘Tell me about a time you noticed a mistake in one of your orders. How did you fix it?’

On the day, you’ll go a long way impressing the interviewer if you print out and take along copies of your application, any job certificates, your driver’s licence and/or operator’s cards, a list of references and any letters of recommendation. Often the interviewer won’t have had time to print out everything you sent them. Show how organised you are and your ability to show initiative.

Always go to your interview armed with a set of questions you can ask at the end of the meeting. A company will mark you down if you don’t show enthusiasm for it and the role you’re applying for. Show interest by asking things like where the company sees itself in five years. Ask the interviewer how he or she likes working for the organisation.