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Jeff Tucker 22nd July 2016 0How to Find a Job

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We have put this guide together to try and help the Temporary worker find regular or even longer term work, this is by no means written in stone but a good guide to what your Agency looks for when you apply to them for work.

  1. When applying for a position either with a CV or Telephone call, be sure that you can demonstrate the skills required to do the job, mention companies that you have worked for and what was involved in the work.
  2. Remember that a Recruitment Business or Agency is a Service Provider to its Customers, we are not a Job Centre and there are no Guarantees that we will find you work.
  3. After successfully registering for work make yourself available as much as you possibly can. You may be asked to work at short notice or cover other areas of work, be flexible with this. If you cover a short notice booking, chances are you are helping both the Agency and the Client out which means you will be highly regarded by both, this could result in further work with that particular customer and you will be at the forefront of the consultant’s mind.
  4. Be punctual, if you say you will be there……………. Be there, and be there 10 – 15 minutes early. One of our biggest bug bears are “No Shows” this lets both the Agency and Customer down.
  5. Do you know how to contact your Agency in an Emergency, Sickness, or any reason that you cannot make your assignment? If not find out, if this does happen, give your consultant as much notice as possible as they will need to cover your position.
  6. Timesheets, you have done the work and I would expect that you want to be paid? It is your responsibility to get your time sheets signed, or to Clock / Sign in and out correctly, most Agencies pay weekly and on a Friday, to do this you need to ensure this information is correct each day you work, if you have a Time sheet then drop it in over the weekend or before 10am on a Monday to ensure your hours get processed efficiently. You will always get paid for any work you do but missing these deadlines may hold your pay up until the following week.
  7. Call your consultant regularly if you are not working, remind them you are available for work, we have 100’s of people registered and simply cannot call everyone every week. Be up and ready for work in the mornings and call the office (during opening hours) to say your available. Be prepared to go out to work there and then.
  8. When at work, remember you are representing both the Agency and the Customer, both are Customers and have Customers, so dress appropriately for the work you are doing, follow any Uniform rules, dress like the Permanent Staff act as if it is your Permanent Job. Be polite, work Hard, show them what you have got to offer, many Customers keep an eye on Temporary Staff with the intention to offer Permanent work when it becomes available, make sure you are that person.
  9. Personal Hygiene, this is probably the toughest position to have to deal with, if your position / Job role requires working up a Sweat or is based in a Hot enclosed environment then PLEASE be sure to have a shower before going to work and make sure you wear a deodorant and in some cases have a spare T Shirt with you just in case. We as Consultants hate to have this conversation especially as its usually down to YOU working Hard.
  10. Appointments, if you have to book appointments try to do them outside working hours not at 10.30 on a Tuesday morning so you cannot get to work, remember if you don’t go to your assignment then somebody else will, if that is the case you could lose your position.


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