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A Job For All Seasons

Jeff Tucker 19th June 2018 Uncategorised

delivery driver in swindon

If you like the idea of getting out on the road and variety in your work, have you ever thought of becoming a professional driver?

Equipped with a clean driving licence, you could apply for work as a chauffeur, a coach, bus or a taxi driver, or train to be an HGV or forklift driver. There’s a lot of scope out there. There’s been a spike in demand for delivery drivers in recent times. Home delivery has become big business with people ordering their groceries over the internet and making their purchases with online stores.

If you want to put your communication skills to good use, you could look to employment as an ambulance care assistant. In this role, you’re not required to be trained as a para-medic, but as a driver who can ferry non-emergency patients to and from hospitals and social care facilities. Or, with good people skills, you might look at being a mobile library driver.

So, as well as having a clean driving licence, what else will you need for the various driving jobs?

Delivery drivers need to be over 18, and have basic maths and English. If you passed your test before January 1, 1997, you are eligible to drive a vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes on your car licence. If you got your licence after that date, the limit is 3.5 tonnes, but with training you can obtain a category C1 licence and drive larger vehicles. All drivers will need to complete a short course to earn their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

To become a taxi or private hire vehicle (minicab) driver you will need to be over 18 and licensed by the Passenger Transport Licensing Division, Driver and Vehicle Agency. If you’re working for yourself, you’ll need a taxi operator licence. Taxi drivers need to pass both a theory and practical test and satisfy checks run on your health and any previous convictions.

To be a chauffeur, you will need to have experience as a working driver and often an employer will require you to have had advanced driver training. A criminal records check is mandatory and there are at present a whole host of EU regulations regarding how long you can drive for in any one day as well as per week, plus the breaks that you will be required to take driving long distance.

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