What is external recruitment?

What is external recruitment?

What is external recruitment? Jeff Tucker

External recruitment is the process of hiring staff from outside an organisation, rather than those within it, or internal recruitment.

While many organisations prefer to fill job posts by recruiting staff that already work for the company, there are lots of advantages to looking outside the workforce to find new recruits.

Benefits of external recruitment

Recruiting outside a company for staff gives employers access to a wider pool of potential job applicants. Businesses are often more likely to find someone who has the ideal skill set when they have more candidates to choose from, especially for niche roles or high-level posts.

External recruits can bring new ideas and ways of doing things to a company, which can help to keep them competitive.

Hiring outsiders may also prevent any conflict from arising if someone had been recruited internally. For instance, feelings of resentment may occur if staff felt they were overlooked for a job post in favour of a colleague. If the new internal hire now manages staff who were once at the same level as them, this may also prove unpopular with existing workers.

Drawbacks of external recruitment

Finding new staff externally is often touted as being a more costly and time-consuming process than internal recruitment. However, much depends on what recruitment method you use. The more targeted your approach, the easier and less time-consuming it will be to find the perfect match.

External recruitment methods

There are lots of ways to recruit externally, and which method you use can depend on your budget, the specific role and candidate requirements. You could post an advert on your website or social media pages, on jobs board or in a newspaper, for example.

Many businesses make use of recruitment agencies to fulfil their employment needs. Not only does this take the hassle out of having to look yourself, but recruitment agencies have the right resources, skills and expertise to carry out the recruitment processes, as well as access to a wide range of candidates. You can also find specialist agencies for specific roles or job areas.