What do recruitment consultants do?

What do recruitment consultants do?

What do recruitment consultants do? Jeff Tucker

If you’re looking to recruit for a position in your business or you’re looking for a new career opportunity, a recruitment consultant could be your best ally. When an employer wants to fill a vacancy, rather than spending hours and weeks of their precious time attempting to find the right candidates, they can hire a recruitment consultant to handle it for them.

Recruitment consultants act as intermediaries

Acting as an intermediary between organisations who are looking to recruit the right staff and professionals who are looking to change jobs, recruitment consultants can streamline the whole process of filling vacancies.

Recruitment consultants have a range of specialist skills

People who run companies need to have a range of capabilities to do their job properly. They will also hire people to work within the business to carry out specific tasks such as marketing. Only very large organisations with large staff numbers and regular staff turnover can justify an in-house recruitment or human resources department. Recruitment consultants can help streamline the whole process of recruitment by screening candidates, leaving the latter stages to the employer.

A people business

Recruitment consultants work hard to understand the ethos and culture of the company they’re helping with recruitment. They build positive relationships with employers and people looking for jobs. As well as finding suitable candidates for a vacancy, they will also support those candidates through the interview process. They may give feedback on a candidate’s interview skills or look at how they could better present their CV. Having worked with countless employers in the past, they know exactly what an employer looks for in a candidate. Likewise, they recognise candidate personality types and skill sets that would fit some companies better than others.

A recruitment consultant aims for a ‘win-win’ solution between employer and candidate.

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