Temping – Answering common questions

Temping – Answering common questions

Temping – Answering common questions Jeff Tucker

Where can I work?

Temporary workers are used in all industries, but the majority of the jobs are found in the office setting. However, by using a temporary staffing agency, you can be able to get a job in any industry.

How long will the assignment last?

The tenure of your employment entirely depends on the client’s needs. You can work full time for a few months or work as a part-time employee for a few days. Your staffing agency should give you the details of your employment before you start the job.

Who is my employer?

This is always confusing to most people, but your employer is the staffing agency you use to find work. Even though you will be working for different companies, the agency will be responsible for your paycheque and other benefits.

Can a temp job turn into a permanent job?

Yes, it can. A lot of companies are actually using temp jobs to fill their vacant positions. Having temporary employees gives companies a chance to test out the workers’ skills as well as their work ethic, therefore, reducing hiring risks. When temping, make sure you put your best foot forward and make a good impression, because it might be your chance at a permanent job.

What are my rights as a temp worker?

As a temp worker, you have the same rights as permanent and full-time workers. You are entitled to minimum wage, work breaks and holiday pay. However, when it comes to maternity and sick pay, there is a bit of a grey area, so ask your agency about this matter before accepting a job.

Does the staffing agency take a cut of my paycheque?

No, the staffing agency should not take a cut of your paycheque. The agency is paid for its services by the companies it works with. Nonetheless, be careful when working with a temporary staffing agency, and do a bit of research on their terms and conditions to ensure that you don’t get caught out.

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