Recruiting? How to make your life easier

Recruiting? How to make your life easier

Recruiting? How to make your life easier Jeff Tucker

Finding the best person to add to your already talented team can be a serious challenge. You have to weigh that candidate’s knowledge of the job and their experience with their personality. The last thing you want is to have someone on your staff who doesn’t gel with the company’s culture. This is why the recruitment process causes so much frustration.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way you can clone your most talented staff member (yet!). But here are some tips for recruitment that could make your life a lot easier

Even when you’re not looking, keep recruiting

There may be times when your company doesn’t need to hire anybody, but the trick is to always be looking for new talent in one way or another. Whether you are on social media, at a networking event or simply answering questions at a party, you should always have great answers about why somebody may want to come and work for you.

The reason you want to keep the doors open is because you never know who is looking. That one person who hears about your company could be your best asset yet.

Don’t put potential recruits into pigeonholes

Just because a candidate isn’t currently in the exact role you would like them to fill, doesn’t mean you should strike them from your list. As long as there is basic industry knowledge to build on, the rest can be taught.

The key skills you should be looking for here are somebody who is enthusiastic about the job and isn’t afraid of being rejected. If there’s a candidate there that has some really impressive sales numbers that aren’t the same as the product you are selling, they should still be considered for the job. Who knows what could become of them with a little bit of training?