How to manage your workforce numbers and recruit swiftly under these unchartered waters

How to manage your workforce numbers and recruit swiftly under these unchartered waters

How to manage your workforce numbers and recruit swiftly under these unchartered waters Jeff Tucker

COVID-19 has become a household name now and is affecting us in all in different ways. However, uncertain times welcome opportunity and change.

As we face uncertainty on what’s going to happen with businesses slowing down, the supply chain throughout the UK will still have its job to do and no matter which way you look at it, it will continue to serve us in all manners of our lives.

As a recruitment business, it’s our job to work with our candidates and clients and try to help and support the workforces required to keep things moving – utilising a temporary workforce couldn’t come at a better time.

This allows you to increase heads when you need them and remove them when you don’t, allowing your business to run efficiently at all times.

You may be thinking about the doom and gloom and feel that there is no point in talking to an agency at the moment as you do not need any support, in fact, you may be having to look at your business with a need to reduce your staff. It’s certainly tough.

Our advice is to talk to us! We have pools of availability ready for work, but understanding what you might need will put you ahead of the game – calling us last minute puts us on the back foot, whereas preparing just in case will help you out in the long run. We solve the problem for you to allow you to keep running your business.

We have major clients changing their approach to shifts and the working day as we speak; some are staggering shifts to minimise contact, leaving a 30-minute gap between shifts, with all staff having to leave the site immediately after their shift.

Tea rooms are then cleansed ready for the next shift

Tea breaks are being staggered so fewer people are gathering at the same time, with tables and chairs being spread out.

Overtime at the weekends is being held up and carried into the working week to keep the workload and workers busy.

Management and Supervisors are talking via telephone or video call rather than sitting in board meetings with minutes being sent via email if and when required.

Some companies are stopping production for a couple of weeks which will have a knock-on effect on their suppliers, however, they will come back and will probably have to catch up. When they do, we are here to support wherever we can.

Speak to a recruitment agency, discuss your possible needs, talk about the skills you look for and let them start to build your teams. You will find that they have a really good idea of what’s happening out there, who’s getting busy etc.

Here at Trak Employment Solutions, we’re adapting our working day to suit the needs of our clients. To avoid contact, we are screening candidates online and now offer an online registration process for extra efficiency. We can also speak to candidates via telephone or skype and are doing all we can to stay connected despite these difficult times.

Keep your head held high and speak to a recruitment agency!